Free Fillable PDF Writing Page for Distance Learning


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Free Fillable PDF Writing Page for Distance Learning

This writing page allows students to type their own sentence or two, save the file, and send to their teacher.  It’s great for Distance Learning.  It can be used with Google Classroom as a writing assignment to be filled in and uploaded for the teacher.

Note: You can also print this page for traditional use with a pencil.

All the student needs is a computer with Acrobat Reader.  Acrobat Reader is a free app from Adobe.  It can be downloaded form the Adobe website.  Don’t download the Pro version which cost money (unless you want it anyhow).   Try the following link or search for Acrobat Reader online:

Directions for Fillable PDF worksheets:

  1. Once you have Acrobat Reader on your computer, parents should help students download this PDF and open it.
  2. Students type their sentence or two about the picture.
  3. Parents help students Save the file (possibly using your own first name for identification)
  4. Email to the teacher or upload to Google Classroom


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